Ingredient-Sensing Robotic Technology (InSeRT)

Customizes complete drinks like an in-home barista or bartender. It makes drinks more affordable than the average café or bar, eliminating the need to go anywhere and offering a pressure-free opportunity to try new beverages and experiment with flavors and combinations.

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Modularity and Total Control and Customization

FrazyBot is modular and comes with a base module that has a touch panel and water reservoir. It's compact enough to take up minimal space on the kitchen countertop and offers a choice of different drink modules — each specially designed for coffee, tea, boba, cocktails or mocktails. Users can easily snap the drink module into the base module, insert the ingredient box and push a button to make their favorite delicious drinks. This also allows users to add their own milk or alcohol.

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Convenience at it's best

Order the exact drink you want off the website with every detail considered, whether it's a red velvet latte with an extra shot of espresso and oat milk or a strawberry margarita with a hint of lavender syrup.

Fresh ingredients are packaged in a small, shelf-stable, air-tight box and promptly shipped to the users.

The single-use box is inserted into the machine along with water or a chosen alcohol (depending on the type of drink), and with one press of a button on the touch panel, the exact drink is created and prepared as if it were in a café or bar: including grinding the beans, frothing the milk, salting the rim, latte art like hearts or a caramel drizzle on top of the whipped cream.

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No hassle prep and clean up

After its finished preparing the drinks, the machine self-cleans and expels trash into the single-use box, keeping the countertop tidy and the beverage ready to enjoy (available on the models that ship).