Frazy produces highly customized cafe and bar-quality beverages at home. FrazyBot is the world's first robotic beverage machine that creates highly customized drinks at home with only the push of a button.

Customers order the exact drink (coffee, tea, boba or mocktails) they want off the Frazy website with every detail considered, and fresh ingredients are packaged and then promptly shipped in a small, shelf-stable, air-tight box. This single-use box is inserted into the FrazyBot along with water or alcohol, and with one press of a button, the drink is created and presented the same as in a cafe or bar. Afterward, the machine cleans itself and expels any trash back into the single-use box, leaving a delicious, crafted drink ready to enjoy.

Frazy also produces Frazy Bottles, highly customizable, specialty coffee concentrates available in compact 2.75 oz., shelf-stable bottles delivered as a six or twelve-pack straight to your doorstep. Follow Frazy on Instagram, Facebook, X and LinkedIn.